L.E.D Back drops with all club visuals
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L.E.D Back drops with all club visuals

Professional LED Uplighting Hire: The Benefits of Getting it Right

We offer a professional Uplighting hire service across Leeds and West Yorkshire. Why Hire uplighting from us? Planning and executing an event means that many factors will need to be considered in terms of setting up the sound and lighting equipment to ensure that the ambience and look of the venue is just right. LED Uplighting is one of the most common forms of lighting effects used for events such as weddings, corporate functions and production shows right across Surrey & London because of the dramatic effect that it provides and the fact that it is extremely cost effective where hire & running costs are concerned. While most lighting and sound equipment hire companies in Surrey & Guildford offer this form of lighting, not all of these lighting companies know how to use it effectively and how to make the most of the lighting in and outside of the venue.

LED Uplighting: What can it do for your Venue?

LED Uplighting can be used in many different ways, and the ways in which it is used will greatly alter the look and feel of a venue. Firstly, this type of lighting is most commonly used in line with the colour and theme of an event; when used outside the venue, a “wall wash” will enable the exterior or the venue to match the theme and colour of the interior. When used indoors, LED Uplighting hire can be set up to light up the entire venue in a specific colour or theme, or it can be used in specific areas of the venue to light up the dance floor or aspects of the venue itself. Some people choose to use this type of lighting to enhance the look of a marquee, especially when it comes to the roof, as it is capable of altering this feature of the venue and giving it a more pronounced presence.

Choosing the Movement of your LED Uplighting...

LED Uplighters do not need to remain static, although many people prefer to use static light in specific areas of the venue, such as the entrance or eating hall. Those that are looking to use their lighting in a more motion-filled setting, such as a dancehall or catwalk, can speak to us about some of the moving head LED lighting effects we stock.

Personalizing your LED Uplighters:

Lighting is usually personalized for events such as weddings or corporate functions, when the guest’s attention should be brought to the guests of honour or the company is celebrating a milestone or special occasion. A monogram that lights up the floors, walls or ceilings is usually the most common form of personalized lighting, and it will usually display a name, letters or even a symbol to represent the guests of honour.

The Benefits of LED Lighting Hire:

This type of lighting is extremely flexible, and this means that it can be set in one specific colour, while remaining static, or it can be altered to fade to a variety of colours at different speed settings. The fact that these lights consume very little power (usually around 30w), means that it will cost you less to light up your venue using LED Uplighting than it would using conventional light and you don’t get the heat problem found with other lighting effects.  When it comes to this type of lighting, you can use it in every aspect of your venue, from the dance floor to the banquet room. The versatility of this lighting makes it perfect for any event, at any time of the year, and the dramatic alterations it produces in terms of appearance will absolutely astound you.